Kojie San Soap - Whitening Soap Review

Hello there! I just got back to blog. I want to spend my weekend blogging since I am working during weekdays. Might as well spend my day blogging than doing nothing. LOL!

Well let's come to my very first product review. I've been using this product for months now. I think it was last year's first quarter when I started using it, the Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap. I was just quite satisfied with the results of using kojie san that's why I decided to make a review. I do have dark elbows and knees so I'm always looking for a soap that could make my skin look even. Its gross having dark spots on your skin. I am pretty sure theres a lot of girls experienced this.

Kojie San was discovered in Japan and a by-product in the production of koji, or Malted Rice. Kojic Acid is very popular for its excellent whitening effects as well as antioxidant properties. Its written in the box that kojie san has an all natural kojic acid formula that helps lighten dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckels, sun damaged skin, and other skin pigmentations. It's true it can whiten your skin in just a short period of time. I noticed the effect in two weeks or three though I have light brown skin. Compared to any other soap that will take you months to see the effect, this soap is good. I consume 1 (65 gram) bar in 1 week everyday use. Well surely any product has pros and cons to me.

  • It can be purchased locally
  • Its cheap
  • Its effective
  • I don't like the smell, it stick on your skin
  • It can dry your skin
  • It stings when you applied it on your face
Now if you plan to use this product, my tip is, massage it thoroughly on your skin for 3 or more minutes for a more effective result. It can dry your skin so I also recommend that you use lotion or skin moisturizer after shower. One more thing, it stings when I use it on my face. I am not sure if its only me to experience this because I have a really sensitive skin especially my face. See for yourself about this.

I recommend it to those who want to have lighter skin in a short period of time (depending on use and skin tone). You can get it at department stores for P50.00 (more than $1) every 2 bars with 65 grams each.Its effective! My friends say I got whiter skin now. But wait, you have to know that I do not go out the house often and I don't get so much sun exposure so I may say that maybe it's also one of the reasons of the quick effect of kojie san.

Hope this review helps!