Beauty: Make Up Love

Never did I thought that I will come to this point where I suddenly found myself hooked with all these beauty products that a lot of women including myself are raving about. So let me share you a bit about my story dating back high school. When I was an adolescent, I have been all innocent about everything not different from anyone else was. 

In my freshman year, I started to notice junior and senior girls wearing make up which I initially find flirty. Maybe cause I was just naive and was too young to have thought of that way lol. I hated make up before for the reason that it just breaks me rather than it supposed to make me. I find myself uglier when I wear make up, thick lips when wearing lipstick and looks really gross with blush ons on which made me swear not to wear make up. Never realized then that  it's just a matter of the right application. 

In the middle of sophomore year, I started to develop pimples which I believed was all part of a girl's high school life. Yet, it kills to notice that I was the only one to have this among the entire class. This condition has made me very timid and as zits continues to grow in number, an inferiority complex started to outgrow within me and made it even worse and scared me to put make up on. I been really shamefaced in the 3 years of my high school life which I still unfortunately and grudgingly carrying with me till I entered college. I even came to the point of throwing cuss words whenever I stand in front of a mirror just too see all those disgusting zits. I wished it was just a Halloween mask! lol.

I am now 21 and to my surprise these pimples have almost vanished though there are acne marks left which I think can only be removed by peeling or surgery. It's not so sad cause it's not that bad anymore. I am able to wear make up now! Thanks to concealers! lol

What brought me to loving make up and beauty products?

I primarily thank the internet cause I have been able to teach myself by means reading articles, blogs, watch videos, and all stuffs with regards to beautifying oneself. I also am grateful to have my job for it has became the window. I am no professional to make up but I am glad to say that I gained a lot of knowledge which I didn't really expected I would be loving today. 

Now, I have the courage to face anyone cause I learn how to conceal pimples, groom my brows, applying blush ons, and all those stuffs. Well, just the enough courage but still lacking confidence which I really am now working on to develop. I don't wanna be a pussyfoot forever. 

I did my friend's make up yesterday as she was one among the nominated Ms. (I am not sure what's the title, will ask her! lol) and guess what! She won! Well She is naturally pretty but the make up made her more gorgeous. Haha that made me proud I was the one who did her make up and hair. 

This is her in plain look (no make up at all)

Sorry for the poor quality picture, I really hope you could appreciate the difference :)

More photos :D

make up transformation