Let's Talk About Loose Tops

Hey pals, I really wish I could finish what I am about to write right this very moment. I am really not in the mood since Monday but I really wanted to post at least 1 entry before I hit the sack. 

I got a lot of insecurities but I guess you can tell that I am really working on each of them. Sometimes I get so confused which one will I do first to disguise all of these cause it's really hard to cure em all at once. LOL! Grr! 

And before I get out of the topic which is about loose clothing, let me start. One of my whole bunch of insecurities is my bigger head. I am not thin but a chubby petite while others might be crying about their longer head/face but skinny body. This is really freaking me out specially when I look at the mirror! My face would be like "Ohhh.. disgusting! Where in the world you got that bibingka face" lol. Yes, yes I know I am not the only one whose having this problem so I am shouting it out. In desperation, I found myself plowing over the internet only to find out the same basic solution I have thought of before even doing researches. What is it? LOOSE TOPS! 

I bet you anyone who already saw me personally can tell that my head is bigger than it supposed to compliment the rest of my body. It's just not well proportioned. Been buying loose clothes as much as this issue is concerned cause I could never wear the fitted ones. I'm afraid I could look like a Mini ME Bobble head toy when I did!


Ehem! Seriously... Loose clothing has been a great help for me. Please forgive me if I may not be able to provide the right tips. I think you're aware of this and have researched a lot by now if you suffer the same situation. Just wanted to share it in hopes of getting comments and more information form you guys out there who might be knowledgeable with this kind of stuff. I tend to wear loose clothes with horizontal stripes in order to help divide the length in my body which helps it appear more wider. This does draw the attention away from my head as well. 

More advisable loose clothing :)