Off-Topic: Yay At Twenewan

Heyyyy! So, this the very first hour of my 21st year existence on earth! Boom! And the new year the next day! I really do not know what to write as I just got really upset because Google have disabled my Adsense once again for some reason. Anyway, I'll definitely find some time next year to get this issue fixed lol.

Had a blast with my colleagues celebrating our post Christmas party awhile ago! It was so much fun! Some of them might suddenly find me seems like not enjoying but its definitely not because I'm not having a great time with them around and the party. It was totally me acting like a party pooper. Forgive me guys :) You'll get used to it in no time hehe! I thank you for bearing with me.

Happy New Year Everyone! May you all have a prosperous 2012!