Acne Survival - Skin Care

I have suffered an almost severe acne since I was in my second  year high school as you might have read from some of my previous posts about acne. Today I will share what products I used throughout my acne prone days, what did not worked and which one worked best.

As far as I can remember, the very first product I used was ponds. I was 15 years old that time. So young to have exposed to different chemicals as we all know, every product has some negative effects on us. But every person differ from each other so I won't try to generalize. Ponds did not worked on removing my pimples and I thought it just made my condition even worse. I do not blame the product. Just FYI, I have a really sensitive skin so I am really having a hard time when it comes to remedy searching.

From exposing myself to one product, I started to switch from one to the other which I think might work for me. I  used maxi peel astringent, it did the exfoliation process but still did not removed my pimples. They keep coming back. They kept on haunting me so the chance would be jumping to the other one. I also used eskinol, savanna soap, papaya extract, neutrogena, and many more I couldn't remember. I even took contraceptive pills because of my desperation! Sadly, nothing made them go away and never come back. There are days they're gone and days they will enter my door all at once! lol! Those little zits are disgusting! I never had my condition checked by a skin professional because I lack money.

I used maxi peel soap when I was in college and it pretty did what it claim. From this product which is good to avoiding pimple growth but made my skin dry, I tried to opt for the another product which will compensate it. I started using garnier cream. It pretty works well too. Just last year I used the glutathione orange extract soap. This soap also helps fight pimple growth and makes the skin whiter too. I was happy with it. I'm also using a mint julep clay mask once a week and dove as my everyday soap. Myra E vita glow for my moisturizer. All works well! 

Today I rarely have pimples and I'm so grateful for that.I've been through a harsh adolescent stage because of pimples. I hope you guys can find the best product that will work for you if you suffer the same condition. Let me know your thoughts.