Achieve Natural Curls Without Heat with V05 Curl Defining Mousse

V05 Curl Defining Mousse

I always clamp or have my hair pony-tailed because of the humidity or freakin hot weather. What could I expect from a tropical country anyway? This is why I am always hesitant to have my hair rebonded because I couldn't take having it loosened up all day long. 

I noticed that whenever I remove the clamp out from my hair, it creates fine curls so last one evening I made some experiment!
Right after shower, I applied V05 Curl Defining Mousse and clamped it up , about 30% dry. 

And after about 30 minutes...
Viola! It created natural curls. Love it!
It saved my hair from heat!

This is ideal if you're having a date or attend and event. This method might not last for up to long hours as compared with using a hair curler with heat. However, you can avoid to much damage to your precious hair with this. :)