Diamond Orange Peel & L-Glutathione Face and Body Bar

Look how ugly and disgusting those blemishes look like. I am one of the those who suffered from pimples. I have been through a lot since I was in my high school years. These photos are taken just last year, I think it was November when I purchased a soap that claims to exfoliate, whiten, and refine skin. Truth is, I am not really after the whitening features of a particular soap as my main goal is to blow away the pimples that seems to keep on haunting me until now though I can say that there has been a significant improvement. Well, scars are still there as you can see in the photos. I hate those crater like scars as I am really having a hard time concealing them. Its gross to look at the mirror up until now. 

The soap I am talking about is the Diamond Orange Peel & L-Glutathione Face and Body Bar I purchased from Watsons that costed P145.00. I've read some positive reviews online so I didn't have second thoughts as soon as this soap caught my eyes at the store. I am really desperate, I have to try every products that says they can remove pimples. Yet, I haven't visited nor consulted a particular skin specialist regarding this matter as I still want to try items I can afford. "Talking about money". The truth is I am afraid to undergo any treatment or operation that might make me look worst if certain treatment did not work. "Talking about exaggeration and negativity". 

Before I get to some worthless sentiments, lol, let us come to the product. This is not a full review as I am not yet done with the product. By the way, I took those photos prior to using the Diamond Orange Peel thinking that I might show you a before and after photos.

I've used the product for almost a month, I can say that yes, it has helped on pimple prevention or should I say that it hinds growth of pimples. I did not have such huge pimples like I usually would while using this soap. I loved it until I notice that my face has been drying though I do have an oily and dry skin. I guess, this does not help when it comes to moisturizing effect and so I stopped using it when my Aunt gave me a dove soap she received from a package my Uncle sent her. I immediately switched to it cause I thought it might help on softening my skin which I proved true. Dove does but sad to say, after few weeks of using it, pimples are starting to show again simultaneously unlike when I am using the Diamond Orange Peel. So, just yesterday, I decided to continue using it again and watch for any changes. However, I am not throwing away the dove soap. I will surely be needing it on super dry days hehe!

Product Description:

Exfoliating, Whitening, Refining

A specialty soap that combines the natural exfoliating and refining properties of Orange Peel Extract with the whitening power of Glutathione.  It deep cleanses, unclogs pores, heals acne-prone skin, lightens discoloration, stimulates cell renewal and brightens overall complexion.  Achieve healthy, fairer, even-toned, silky-smooth skin!


Lather onto wet skin and massage for 1-2 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.  Do this regularly twice a day for best results. May be used for face and body.  Keep in a dry soap dish always.

Active Ingredients:

Orange Peel extract, fruit acids, L-Glutathine and Claire Blanche Complex, Vitamin C.

Watch out for my full review with after photos. :)