Diamond Peel Face Treatment at Let's Face it Salon (SM Clark Pampanga)

I have been really patient on my way to treating my acne problems. I have tried several products that promises good results. Well, as expected, not all works well, some might even worsen the case while some fortunately gets the job done and does what it claims. However, it may depend from person to person's case. Meaning not all have the same skin types and acne severity. I have a very sensitive skin but due to my desperation, I was forced to try even those products that might cause more harm. I mean, those that isn't labeled hypo allergenic. Sometimes, even those hypoallergenic irritates my skin.

Coming to my case, I could say that I am still lucky cause all left to my face are acne scars. I do still have pimples showing up especially when my monthly period comes. It still bothers me but not as bad as I was in high school so its tolerable. What I wanted this time is to undergo a treatment that can peel off some skin so as to clear away some red spots gradually so I decided to go to a spa where a diamond peel treatment is being offered. From the name itself diamond 'peel', I thought this would help. I'm not fully informed what this can do, I did some research about it though and I have asked a person I know who has undergone the same treatment. I saw the peeling stage and that is what I wanted.

So this is me taking a 'before' photo.

Just a week ago I decided to go all the way to a spa named Let's Face It located at SM Clark Pampanga with a friend and we are undergoing the same treatment. I know I've mentioned in my earlier posts about acne that I have not yet gone to any skin professional or dermatologist so this is my first time. Unfortunately no dermatologist was available for consultation when we visited but we decided to continue with the treatment. I need to have my skin clean up after all. I gotta say, facial effffin hurts! lol.


This is the lobby
The spa offers Face Diamond Peel treatments starting at P900.00

And here are other Face Diamond Peel treatments available you can choose dependent upon your skin problem, or just any of your liking.

I was advised to undergo the Face Diamond Peel with Pimple-Acne Soft Mask treatment apparently because I have acne marks. 

They also are offering a 6 Session Package + 1 Free Session which costs P5,400.00.

I know for sure that no good outcomes yet to be expected with just a single shot so I thought I would have to take the 6 sessions but because I haven't yet consulted a skin specialist, I have to make sure first if this would really be advisable for me.

Here re other treatments offered:
Click to zoom in
I had to say that it feels good knowing some dirts on my skin were pulled out! Feels clean though there's a little stinging feeling probably because of the facial, it was a pain in the ass! Literally! lol.

After the 3 hours session, which is 1 and a half hours per person, we had a scrumptious dine in at Shakey's!

So my update now is there is no improvement yet. 3 days after the treatment, there were pimples popping  up on my nose area and some on the jaw area too which isn't normal even if I'm having my period. Is this the result of the treatment? :(

Maybe, I have to take several sessions and I should be consulting a dermatologist first and foremost just to be safe.