Erase Acne Marks, Stretch Marks, Pimples, Freckles and Peel off Dark Knees and Elbows with Erase Tretonoin UK Derm Erase Anti Acne Depigmenting Solution

As I have been repeatedly mentioning on my past blog posts, today you'll read it again, I am super prone to acne. Sometimes, I just try not to care at all cause it is really tiring looking for ways to steer clear of them. I really feel like running out of energy to think. The more I stress myself with these persistent inflamed spots on my skin, the more I grow them. Yes I know I got a choice, to live a healthy lifestyle, but you know I just can't and it requires a great deal of discipline which I don't have yet. 

So are you also an Acne and Acne marks sufferer? Well we share the same boat. I know just how it feels like when you are in-front of perfect-skinned people. A friend of mine introduced me to a product that can peel off or erase undesirable marks on your skin like acne marks, stretch marks, wrinkles, freckles, pimples and even dark elbow and knees. I got really interested to trying it out so I immediately grabbed one at Watsons for only Php 78.00 for this small bottle pictured below. The bigger bottle costs Php 165.00. 

I just though that this scar eraser might help me lessen my huge insecurity due to bad skin. I bought this one to aid my dilemma on my acne marks/scars because they're growing rampant in my face. 

Here is the instruction on how to use this product. Make sure to read first prior to using it.

Click the photo to Zoom
And let me show you a photo on how it got the work done! Yes it was effective and it really peels of the skin in just one application. It did dried my pimple too overnight and starts to peel off the next morning. These photos below are taken at different days. I only applied the product twice and look what it has done.

I still have the faded acne mark on my forehead though but you see it really is effective.

Be reminded that is will sting a little bit when applied on the face so make sure you only put a fair amount.