Professional Skin Care Formula - Body Bleaching Set

Surely, there are a lot of people all over that world who are regularly using skin bleaching products for a number of different reasons. There are people who have a naturally dark skin so they choose to use overall skin bleaching items to whiten their whole body, and there the others who desire to get rid of age spots, scars or freckles. These days, we can find thousands of products in this industry that appear on supermarkets, pharmacy and beauty stores.

Not too long ago when some kind of rashes or itchy spots suddenly appeared on the upper part of my arms (near shoulders) which I thought I was about to have a chicken fox but wasn't. They were itchy red spots that seem like ant bites. The next few days, more of them appeared on my legs. Some say they are just allergic reactions but was not really sure. I had no time to have them checked by a dermatologist but after a number of weeks, they gradually gone away. Unfortunately, they left too much scars. This what triggered my interest to find a bleaching product in chance of getting them away and get my skin back to normal. They looked gross that I get too shy to wear shorts or short sleeve tops because they were really obvious.

I contacted a friend who was offering different skin beautifying products. I asked for any kind of product that can bleach my scars away. She introduced Professional Skin Care Formula - Body Bleaching Set and I got interested to try the whole set. FYI, I trust Kojie San and Doamind L-Glutathione Soaps to do the job but I want to try a product that can quickly peel the scars away. I decided to but the set that costs 450 pesos.

The set includes a bleaching soap, a bottle of Green Papaya Soap Body Scrub, Bleaching Lotion with Sunblock, Sunblock Lotion, therapeutic Skin Lotion and a piece of paper containing the instructions for use.


The soap smell is not bad but it does not produce enough bubbles or foam so it does not feel like you are thoroughly cleaning your body, you'b have to rub it a little harder and of course use a sponge. 

The green papaya body scrub smells nice but contains small amount of beads. It does not make your skin soft after use or after rinsing it. The 3 remaining lotions are a little hard to apply because it sticks to the skin, you would again have to apply or rub it a little harder onto your skin to spread nicely. 

I did not like the product, I am not seeing dramatic results yet but the scars I was telling you are starting to fade especially he ones in my upper arms area. I got a little peeling and dryer skin too so I think it is effective though not that a hundred percent sure. Some people who do not see me frequently wold tell me I got whiter skin. I got the same compliments when I am using the kojie san soap months ago though. So I can't say it is the result of the bleaching set. 

FYI, I have not followed the instructions really well because I get toooo lazy most of the time. LOL. Maybe if you want to try this product, be sure to follow the instructions and you can let me know what is the effect on you. 

Click the photo to clearly read the text below. 

If you want the set, feel free to send me an email through my CONTACT ME tab above. I know a friend selling these items. FYI again, I am not selling this product and my review is totally unbiased. I just find that these items are not sold in any department stores, supermarket or even in Watsons so I am just plainly trying to help.