Tinted-like Matte Lips Cream? Try Excel Paris Long Lasting Lip Cream

Are you looking for a long lasting lip color so you do not have to re-touch from time to time? Just found a very affordable product that you may like too. The Excel Paris Long Lasting Lip Cream. Bought from a friend selling items online for 140 pesos but I heard you can find this at any store selling make up products for a more cheaper price.

This was taken with flash.

This is how it looks when worn. I just applied it once (first layer) because it looks really red when you applied second layer. You can even apply it thrice if you want, ideally for a night out.

The lip color can really last up to 8 hours or so. What I don't like is that it's like a paint. It dries fast even while applying it on your lips. For this, it is recommended to apply a lip balm first as a base so the it glides well.

What more it is does not have any other label on it except from its name. I am not sure if this is safe to use at all. I am a person who is prone to allergic reactions so I had a little doubt using it. But then I tried and loved it but after few weeks of using, the outer part of my lips became dry and experienced a little peeling. It feels really rough so I stopped using it for a while. However, I wasn't sure if its because of the product.